About BATB


My name is Jen Boyles, and I’m obsessed with the beauty world as I am with the music one. I spent 15 years of my career as a music critic and getting ready for gigs, concerts and parties is always one of my favorite parts of the night! “The beat” isn’t the same without beats, right? So each post you see here will accompany a worthy song as your reading or ready-ing soundtrack.

There’s kind of a double meaning, by the way, behind “the bass”…  For all you fabulous ladies in the plus-size world who don’t feel the love when it comes to fashion, I hear you loud and clear and will be digging into topics for us as hourglass gals too, and even offering personal styling services for you as well — in person or remotely.

A few other topics that affect me (and maybe some of you too) is that I have sensitive skin and am getting more and more concerned about what these big beauty companies put in their products (as you probably know, many hide toxic ingredients in fragrance to jump cowardly through FDA loopholes). So you’ll see plenty of organic beauty articles as I try new and favorite products in the organic world.

If you ever have your own suggestions or tips, I’d LOVE to hear from you in the comments, or you can email me below.

Peace, love and the beat!