dpHue Minneapolis: Hair color to go

A few months back, I decided I was an amateur hair colorist, and an impatient one at that. I didn’t want to wait for my stylist (also my best friend) to get me in at her new salon, I needed change NOW.

Now, before I proceed, I should tell you this didn’t go badly as it probably should have. In fact my experience with dpHue at the posh 50th and France Ave. location was incredibly chill. The specialist took her time with me (even thought I wanted new color, like, yesterday) and for $50 I went home with clear, handwritten instructions and clearly labeled bottles to equip me for my dyeing spree.

I’ve DIY dyed before, and usually the results are OK (except the one time in college when I tried to dye my red hair Manic Panic Blue without bleaching first). These results were indeed salon quality but they only allow you to go darker — they don’t want average Janes playing with bleach (wonder why!). That said, I didn’t really want darker, I wanted brighter. So because my results were a flat cranberry red and I was going for copper orange (lighter than my hair color), I didn’t exactly come away with the “I’m a model OMG” results that you get after the salon. But it wasn’t a total wash. If you’re looking to go darker and save about $50 off your beauty bill, try these guys on!



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